Lumaria Corporate Anti-Stress Workshops

Dedicated corporate anti-stress workshops for your employees!

Jacob Caspar von Sternberg studied Color Psychology, Physics and Coaching in Austria and Switzerland. His Bio-photon researches led him to studies of holistic healing all over the world.

Tristan Louis von Lichtenstein studied traditional medical knowledge. He had what is now generally recognized as a very deep spiritual experience or awakening which resulted in a miraculous transformation. Both have a professional background of 25+years.

LUMARIA – A system of holistic analysis and healing is rooted in bio-energetics and biophoton based psychology. It took many years to create this unique holistic concept. Numerous cases have been thoroughly documented. Jacob and Tristan live and offer sessions primarily in Malta, but travel all over the world. Researchers come from near and far to study Jacob and Tristans knowledge. Their clients include many prominent persons in the public eye – world leaders, politicians, royalty, celebrities – as well as ordinary persons. People chose them because they gets results.

Despite these successes, Jacob and Tristan remain humble and approachable, joyfully delighted with every result that occurs. Jacob’s and Tristan’s mission in life is to help people restore their health and well-being.

They love to help their clients finding their life purpose. Jacob and Tristan give regular workshops, seminars, and classes open to the public. These are wonderful opportunities to meet them face-to-face.

Since 2010 Jacob’s and Tristan’s Helping Hand Foundation offers therapy and shelter for victims of violence.

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