Ultra Hydrophobic Material

About the product
Ultra Hydrophobic Material, brand named as Olea FP H50 and H100 can qualify as bio material due to minimal residues on the coupling agent.
Olea FP can be used for a vast number of applications such as:
-Hydrophobic ceramic coating developed for the automotive industry to help protect paint and lacquer from elements like rain water.
-Anti-Slip Paint Additive, highly effective anti –slip agent for coatings such as epoxy and polyaspartic floorings.
- Paint bonding agent to enhance paint adhesive properties on metal, plastic or wood.
- Paint texture additive that is a great matting powder. Also used for solvent as well as water based paints and coatings.
- Epoxy resin fillers used in the aerospace, automotive and other industries are choosing Olea FP H50 and H100 to maximize the water proofing of bio based resins.
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