Property Management (Blocks, Garages & More)

About the product
We ensure that all common owners observe any rules provided by the law regulating the common parts of the block of flats.

We provide regulations for the use of the common parts of the condominium and perform services in the common interest so that all the condomini are assured of the maximum benefit possible.

We apportion the costs necessary for the preservation, maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary repairs, rendering of services, and alterations carried out to the condominium for the common interest.

We collect the contributions from the condomini and set up a floating fund for any emergency requests.

We perform necessary acts for the preservation and protection of the common parts and render accounts at meetings of the condomini.

We claim and receive monies or interest on behalf of all the condomini and take all necessary steps to have in force adequate insurance of the condominium.

We keep a register of all the condomini and also keep a record of all the meetings held by the condomini.

We represent all the condomini and sue condomini and third parties that are in default/of prejudice to the condominium.

We make sure that minutes and all decisions taken during meetings as well as any decision or directive that the administrator deems to be of importance that require it to be brought to the notice of the condomini are affixed onto a notice board which is fixed in a prominent common part of the condominium.

We register with the competent authority any set of rules drawn up by the condomini to regulate the use of the common parts and the apportionment of the expenses incurred in connection with the common parts, including rules concerning the preservation and administration of the condominium.
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