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Awful Service. Do NOT use this company. They do not care about the customer.
My partners car was hit while parked. Her car was damaged and clearly & undeniably undriveable. She has just been told that Untours will not provide a hire car for the full term of the car repair as it did not say on the assessors report that the car was undriveable. The report did not say that the car was driveable as there is no section to state driveable or undriveable. The mechanic confirms 100% that the car cannot be driven. The fact that it needed to be towed from the scene of the accident should give them a clue - if they were in any way interested. They are looking for any excuse to save money and not provide the hire car.
My partner has been in tears because of the way the woman spoke to her on the phone. She was basically told "Tough, that's how it is - deal with it!"
Do not get involved with this company under any circumstances as they are just interested in taking your money and everything is OK until a claim goes in.