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If I could give 0 stars I would!
Impossible to get through to and when you do rude, indifferent, lazy to check anything or take any actions. The absolute worst service! Staff and management need to be replaced.
Chasing up non delivered package
Been trying to contact UPS Malta since the 15th of February. Their tracker said package "out for the delivery" on the 15th. Never delivered. On the 16th tracker changed saying "in transit". No one answers any of the phones, and no one answers emails either. Absolutely terrible service. Never again.
Ups are crap
Cannot get them on the phone.
Package took 3 days to get to malta from the USA but it’s been 5 days from Luqa to St Julian's and haven’t got it yet
Packages incoming from the US are dutiable, and have to undergo customs clearance.please provide your tracking number.
I can not even begin to explain what utterly terrible customer service this company has. I was put on hold which is fine but then passed back & forth to the two same people 6 times, on the 6th time a woman had forgotten to silence the call and says ''just hang up I can't be bothered'', I was passed to the same man yet again who again had no time for me. He took my phone number and hung up! All I wanted to know was if my package would be out for delivery today so I know whether to stay in or if I can go out. The attitude of these people is absolutely disgusting, so very rude. My company uses UPS ALOT, well UPS I am pulling the contract and going elsewhere, this has happened one too many times, No one deserves to be treated this way for specially for a service I am paying for!
Utter crap customer services,
Representatives talk to you in an extremely haughty/ arrogant manner and just cut off their phones when you call...
You should be ashamed.
Even worse than DHL Malta.